Thursday, February 4, 2016

Linebacker says faith impacted his life

Superbowl player credits Catholic upbringing for his NFL career
Luke Kuechly returns an interception for a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks Jan. 17. (Photo Credit: Bob Donnan / USA Today Sports)
The Middle linebacker of the Carolina Panthers, Luke Kuechly, found his faith and parents created a positive impact in his NFL career and his outlook on life.
"I went to a Catholic grade school, Jesuit high school, and a Jesuit college, and I think you just learn certain things growing up in that environment. Really, the biggest thing I learned from it is respect and to treat people correctly," he said after a Jan. 28 practice.
Kuechly graduated from St. Xavier High School, a Catholic boys school near his hometown of Evendale, Ohio, and Boston College. A three-time All America linebacker for Boston College, he was the ninth overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

Though he doesn't have a special patron saint or special prayer, he does "say a couple prayers in the locker room before games, though."

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