Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Shooter asked students if they were Christian

Nine killed and nine wounded at community college in Roseburg, Oregon
Umpqua Community College alumna Donice Smith (left) is embraced after learning
one of her formerteachers was killed Oct. 1. (Photo: Steve Dipaola / Reuters / CNS)
News organizations have learned that the gunman who started shooting students at Umpqua Community College Oct. 1 first asked them if they were Christian. Those who answered "yes" were shot in the head; those who gave a different answer were shot elsewhere.
"I am saddened beyond words," Archbishop Alexander K. Sample of Portland said to worshippers gathered at St. Joseph Church in Roseburg.

"We are one body in Christ, and when even one member suffers, we all suffer with them. My heard is indeed very heavy with sorry as I grieve with all of you."
Nine people were killed and nine more wounded before the shooter died in an exchange of gunfire with police. Read the full article here.

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