Monday, October 5, 2015

Art guild begins guest speaker series

Religious icons can be used for prayer

St. Luke, Patron of Artists. A sacred icon painted
by a member of the guild in 2005.
(Photo credit: Frank C. Turner)

For one guild of artists, learning to pray is synonymous with learning their craft.
“We will give insights into the 2,000 year art form, how it has evolved to create new forms of sacred art today, and how it can be used in our prayers,” said Christine Lim. The Epiphany Sacred Arts Guild (ESAG) begins its Guest Speaker Series, with the first presentation will be by Kathy Sievers, an iconographer from Oregon.
“She will be coming to talk about contemporary icons,” said Lim, a student of iconography herself. “As well, she will address the relevance they have in our lives today as well as how to use them to pray.”
There will be a time for questions afterwards, where Sievers will answer questions about her art or how to improve their own, said Lim. “People can display their own art, and explain why they are working on it,” Lim added.

“This allows for them to receive advice from other artists, or get help with any trouble they have with their works.” Lim noted the guild’s purpose as a “non-profit society for people who practice creating sacred arts according to the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.”

“We believe our art must be fed through prayer, contemplation, and a full sacramental life,” she said.
The presentation will be at St. Jude’s Parish, Vancouver Oct. 10, from 12-3 p.m.

More information is available by contacting Steve Knight at or here.

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