Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Classes offer chance for Christians to find hope

Sessions to help people experience Jesus in their relationships & sexuality 
Journey Canada's logo. (Photo credit: Journey Program Society Canada).

With all of its modern conveniences, society makes it harder to keep a strong relationship with God and yourself. Fortunately, there’s a class for that. Journey Canada is an organization with the goal of helping people find hope and live life through the experience of Jesus. The six sessions are:
Designed for people undergoing or wishing to undergo the process of healing, the program is a community-based ministry to help people find hope and live life through Jesus. It offers “hope, healing and wholeness to those in despair, crisis, and confusion.”
Journey 101 is a new program at the Richmond Pentecostal Church.  More information is available at journey101@journeycanada.org or 604-301-1470.

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