Thursday, January 8, 2015

Manila prelate prepares for papal visit

Cardinal Luis Tagle reflects on Pope Francis
Cardinal Luis Tagle of Manila. (Photo credit:
The Church's top prelate in the Philippines is excited about Pope Francis coming to town. In an wide-ranging interview with Vatican Radio, Cardinal Luis Tagle remembers his first glimpse of a Pontiff in person:

Vatican Radio: It’s 45 years since the visit of Paul VI and it’s 20 years since that of John Paul II. Back in 1970 there was a young man of 13 years old craning his head over the crowd trying to catch a glimpse of the Man in White. What do you remember about that visit of Paul VI?
Cardinal Tagle: The Philippines was just recovering from a typhoon
at that time and my memories are still vivid of trees that had been denuded,
no leaves at all, streets that were cleaned up hastily for the coming of the 
Pope, roads that had been paved again, etc… 

So just like this visit of Pope Francis, the Philippines had been 
recently ravaged by a typhoon. And the people were enthusiastic. 
They received Paul VI like a Grace from Heaven. And Paul VI made sure 
that he went to the poor also: he visited the poor families in the district 
of Tondo in Manila, known for being one of the poorest sections of 
the metropolitan area. And they still remember that visit. 

When I went to the parish for a feast-day, the parish priest and the leaders 
pointed out to me where the house Paul VI visited used to stand. 

When the Pope visits, memories and images and the effects of that 
visit are still there after 45 years.

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