Thursday, December 18, 2014

Knights present Pope with unique gift

Silver rose given on feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Msgr. Eduardo Chavez presents a silver rose to the Holy Father Dec. 12.
Every year, the Knights of Columbus pass five silver roses from Canada to Mexico on a massive relay in honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This year, Pope Francis accepted one of those roses after the long pilgrimage ended.

Was it the same one? A silver rose came through B.C. in 2013. It was here for three weeks, stopping in small towns and going as far north as Fort Saint John.
Monsignor Jerry Desmond (left) and Grand Knight Devon O'Toole admire
a silver rose as it makes a stop in Kamloops July 14, 2013. BCC file photo.
Along with the rose, the Knights of Columbus gave the pope $1.6 million for his charities on Dec. 12. Follow the links to learn more.

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