Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sts. Peter & Paul parishioners release cookbook

More than 175 recipes available for $26
A photo of the new Sts. Peter and Paul cookbook (Courtesy of Diana Leaney).
When the faithful of Sts. Peter and Paul parish celebrated the 90th anniversary of the church's foundation in 2013, an idea was born.

Now, almost two years later, the parish cookbook is available to order. An impressive 446 pages contain more than 175 recipes.

Diana Leaney, a member of the parish cookbook committee, told The B.C. Catholic that the tome contains a “wide range of recipes in every possible category.”

She explained that chicken, pork, and beef dishes are complemented with “a lot of Christmas cookie recipes, and family stories about the history of some of the recipes.”

For more information, call the Sts. Peter and Paul parish office at: 604-261-3535. Orders will be taken until Nov. 8.

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