Friday, June 13, 2014

Catholic film "Letter to a Priest" now released

Catholic film Letter to a Priest now available online for rental or purchase

Frank C. Turner starring in Letter to a Priest. (Photo: Clayton Richard Long)

In July 2013, Kier-Christer Junos reported for The B.C. Catholic on the local Catholic film, Letter to a Priest:

"Letter to a Priest encourages Catholics to 'talk in a candid way about the meaning of life'"

After having premiered last year with Pope Francis at World Youth Day, the movie is now available to buy or rent at <>.

As of its official release date, June 13, 2014, it is possible to watch the movie online or download it.

Available with the film is a companion study guide designed especially for youth groups and parish discussions.

The movie features noted local artist and acclaimed actor Frank C. Turner, who also worked with Clint Eastwood on Unforgiven (1992).

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