Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ecumenism can start over coffee

Anglicans and Catholics already recognize each other's baptism
Professor Christophe Potworowski (right) chats with Rev. Richard Leggett and moderator Anne Larochelle during an ecumenical event for Catholics and Anglicans Jan. 26. Agnieszka Krawczynski / The B.C. Catholic.
Grabbing a beer or coffee with an Anglican might be the key to creating lasting unity between their church and ours, according to a local ecumenical effort. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Queen Elizabeth to meet with Pope Francis in April
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Benedict XVI greet guests as they walk through the gardens at the Royal Palace of Holyrood House in Edinburgh, Scotland, in September 2010. CNS photo / Dylan Martinez, Reuters.
Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, will visit Rome on April 3, and will meet with both the Pope and the Italian president. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Eucharistic mosaic at St. Joseph's Basilica

A mosaic inspired by the book of Revelation and giving glory to Christ's Eucharistic presence has recently taken its place behind the tabernacle at St. Joseph's Basilica. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

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