Monday, December 2, 2013

Seafarers will receive support this Christmas

An opportunity presents itself to brighten the lives of sailors this December
The Port of Vancouver's Mission to Seafarers delivered gifts by water taxi last year to sailors away from home during the Christmas season. This year, donations are requested to purchase gifts.
Photo: Alistair Burns / The B.C. Catholic.

The Mission to Seafarers organization is collecting donations to buy presents for seamen away from home this Christmas.

Many ship workers will find themselves away from home and at the Port of Vancouver this Christmas. Life on the sea is difficult, as being away from their families can take a large emotional toll on the sailors.

The gifts help provide comfort for the workers.

Workers come from all corners of the globe, from countries such as Panama, Egypt, Greece, Norway, Egypt, Malta, China, Singapore, and the Philippines, to name a few.

The Mission to Seafarers also provides support for seaman through the Flying Angels Club. With a location on Waterfront Road, and another at Robert's Bank, the Flying Angels Clubs provide homesick seafarers with spiritual support.

Alistair Burns's story on last year's gift distribution can be found on The B.C. Catholic website.

More information on The Mission to Seafarers is available on their website.

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