Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pope Francis greets new number one fan

Papal talk on P's and Q's interrupted by small boy's turn in pontiff's chair
Pope Francis receives a hug from a child during a speech on the importance of the family in St. Peter's Square.
Photo credit: The Associated Press.
What should a pontiff do when a boy decides to interrupt a speech in front of tens of thousands? Give the kid a hug, of course.

The National Post reports:

The Vatican says Pope Francis was surrounded by elderly faithful and their grandchildren Saturday night at a rally to encourage family life when the boy came up, wearing a striped shirt, jeans and sneakers. 
Acting like an indulgent grandpa, the Vicar of Christ let the boy explore the area undisturbed before tens of thousands of people. The pope smiled while reading his speech as the boy sat in the empty chair, gazed up at him and even at one point clung to the pontiff’s legs.
Read the full article here.

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