Monday, October 7, 2013

Podcast for parents

Burnaby parent looks to shed some light on the topic of Catholic parenthood

The Flailing Dad podcast and blog discusses the topic of being a Catholic parent in the modern day.

Burnaby parishioner Rob Maxwell is bringing the ins and outs of Catholic parenthood to a new light.

The Flailing Dad is a podcast and blog that deals with the issues faced by Catholic parents in the modern age. The podcast covers topics such as discipline and social issues as well as providing feedback to curious listeners.

The podcast talks of the elements of Catholic parenthood, as well as the concept of "flailing."

"Flailing means to 'struggle uselessly,' and I don't know about you, but I struggle uselessly a lot," explains Maxwell. In his various podcasts, Maxwell describes life from his point of view: he has to juggle his family duties with his responsibilities as a father.

The Flailing Dad website includes opportunities for booking Rob as a speaker at congregations or gatherings, as well as links to his blog and podcast. Titles of his podcast installments include "The "Cool" Diatribe," "Brotherly Torture and Hypnosis: Raising Kids of Character," and "Getting Off the Hamster Wheel."

All topics featured on the podcasts are discussed from a standpoint faithful to the teachings of the Church, hoping to "entertain and discuss fatherhood from a humorous light." The blog features advice as well as general thoughts on parenthood.

There are currently 15 podcasts and counting. 

Ever show up to Mass with PB&J hand prints on the back of your pants? Do people recognize you not by your face, but the spit-up on your shoulder? Wondering if you can pursue sanctity as a parent and still have a sense of humour? Flailing Dad Podcast discusses all the important questions of Catholic Parenthood and provides some laughs in the process. The show is free to download on iTunes. Check it out!

Link to the Flailing Dad website.

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  1. Wow thanks for the plug Matthew I appreciate it! Feel free to email anytime, I love connecting with guys who are struggling to follow the straight and narrow. Keep up the great work.
    - Rob (Flailing Dad)


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