Friday, October 25, 2013

Edmonton bishop sets the record straight

Auxiliary bishop provides clarity for misinterpreted papal statements

Bishop Gregory J. Bittman of Edmonton looks to explain the intended meaning of Pope Francis' various statements in question and answer sessions, interviews, and letters. As well as providing examples of other people's displeasure with the media's misinterpretations . Photo: Archdiocese of Edmonton website.

In a letter to priests, parish, and archdiocesan staff, Auxiliary Bishop Gregory J. Bittman outlines the injustice he sees in the way the media interprets various statements from Pope Francis.

"...the media have taken his words out of context and suggested that they indicate radical departures from Catholic belief, doctrine, and tradition," explained the bishop. " is especially important for those of us serving the Church to read what he has said in credible sources with full context, and not judge on the basis of a newspaper/website headline or broadcast sound bite."

In his letter, Bishop Bittman gives a list of instances in which Pope Francis's statements have been interpreted in a different or incorrect way.  He explains that we should not be quick to judge what Pope Francis says, as he speaks with "candour and informality" unlike any other Pope before him.

The letter also includes links to various examples of when the media misinterprets statements by Pope Francis.

The letter concludes by urging people to discern cautiously before acknowledging what the media says as fact.

Here is the list of the links provided:

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