Monday, October 28, 2013

American insurance providers offer confusing logic

The unborn are members of the household – sometimes
U.S. President Barack Obama signs the Pay Our Military Act which ensures armed forces workers will continue operations during government shutdown. White House / Pete Souza.

To offset the cost of Obamacare, at least two health care exchanges are encouraging the enrolment of healthy Americans, even if they are not yet born.

“Unborn children are counted as members of her household, so this information helps determine if she is eligible for help with health care costs,” according to the website of Access Health CT, Connecticut's official health insurance provider. “Medicaid also has rules to help pregnant women.”

In Massachusetts, Health Connector asks, "How many people are in your family? (Include unborn child(ren) if someone is pregnant.)"

The Catholic Anchor reports that the Charlotte Lozier Institute has found the number of taxpayer-funded abortions could increase by 111,500 in one year under health-care law. Under the current act, many pro-life Americans may unknowingly pay for abortion coverage. Obamacare could force taxpayers to fund 10 per cent of abortions each year.

It is clear that insurance plans are flexible, they are willing to pay for a baby's health or death.

Read the full article from Catholic Anchor.

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