Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer at the Movies

Movie mythology is expressing a human longing which only adoption as sons and daughters into the kingdom of God can fulfill, writes C.S. Morrissey. (Photo: Actress Alexandra Daddario arrives at the premiere of 'Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters'. Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

Going back to school in September?

The Labour Day long weekend may be your last chance to watch a summer movie before classes start.

The Catholic News Service has their latest movie reviews available to help you make a choice.

C.S. Morrissey reflects in The B.C. Catholic on how stories often help us find our way to the Gospel:
All the best summer movies are ... praeambula Fidei, "preparations for the Gospel," as they invite us to consider how "nothing is without meaning."

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Local film portrays struggles of the faithful: Letter to a Priest. (The film is available for screening at select events. To arrange a viewing, you can contact Clayton Long by e-mail.)

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