Monday, June 3, 2013

UGCC confirms absence of religious conflicts

 National churches work together in Galicia

An interesting article published on the website RISU has stated that the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox church have reached an agreement to cooperate with one another. Although there are still many unresolved issues between the two religions, tension has decreased.

The statement by Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanych) is a true, realistic assessment of the current situation of the relations between our two national churches. Finally, the tension and false beliefs are fading. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is open to cooperation, and we are pleased that this is reciprocated by the hierarchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-MP, Fr. Dr. Ihor Shaban, the head of the UGCC Commission for Christian Unity, told the Information Department of the UGCC in response to Metropolitan Anthony's statement.

At the same time, Fr. Shaban said that there still remain many unresolved issues, especially historical ones. 

Full article here.

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