Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cardinal Collins warns against gambling

'False Eden' promised through addiction

(Caption: Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto processes out of the papal conclave's opening Mass in St. Peter's Basilica March 12.
Alistair Burns / The B.C. Catholic)
Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto recently spoke to Vatican Radio about society's growing dependence on gambling. He said gambling itself is not inherently evil; however, the Catechism of the Catholic Church explains the problems that can arise from widespread addiction to blackjack and other games of chance.

“First of all, it can lead to injustice,” he says. “There are numerous issues where people gamble away the grocery money and cause distress in their families.”

Listen to the interview here.

The prelate has also released a pastoral letter on Gambling, Gaming, and Casinos for the Archdiocese of Toronto. The full text of that letter is available on the Archdiocese of Toronto website.

Read the pastoral letter here.

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