Friday, April 19, 2013

Past co-workers applaud their former vicar general

Bishop Jensen praised for pastoral insight
Msgr. Mark Hagemoen, Father Larry Holland, and Father William Somerville
pose in an undated photo with Father, now Bishop, Stephen Jensen. (BCC file photo)
As Bishop Stephen Jensen took on his new duties as prelate of Prince George, past co-workers reflected on his care for people, sense of humor, and wisdom.
Father Joseph Phuong Nguyen, the man now filling Bishop Jensen's shoes as the archdiocese's new vicar general, met him at Corpus Christi Parish 18 years ago. Father Jensen was the pastor, while Father Nguyen was an assistant pastor.
"He gave me a lot of things to do. He trusted me. I had great joy working with him in the parish," related Father Nguyen.

He noticed Father Jensen's care for the people around him. "If you were sick, he would stop you from working. He would tell you to lie down and rest."

For full story, see The B.C. Catholic website.

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