Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Africa co-op gets a heavenly result

Clear image illuminated in shape of cross

A trick of the light makes it appear an illuminated cross is hanging over the doorway of this Ugandan house.
(Bev Maxium / Prairie Messenger)
A courageous volunteer from Regina helped bring economic stability to northern Uganda. The Prairie Messenger reports:
During a volunteer posting in northern Uganda in January 2013, Bev Maxium of Regina took a photo that later surprised her. Over the door of the home of the family she was photographing is the clear image of an illuminated cross.
The volunteer works with women around Africa establishing micro credit unions from which they can borrow money to start family businesses.
The head of the home of the family she was photographing was a member of the Bujenje Savings and Credit Co-operative in northern Uganda. The older children of the household were quite excited at having their photo taken.

Read the full article here.

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