Thursday, March 21, 2013

Papal elections offer hope and confidence

Holy Spirit entrusts keys to a humble Cardinal
Women react at Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires, Argentina,
March 13 after the election of new pope. The world's cardinals, meeting
in conclave at the Vatican, elected as pope Cardinal Jorge Mario
Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, who took the name Francis. (Photo: CNS)
Monsignor Pedro Lopez-Gallo writes about the successes of the past few popes and the joy many found in welcoming the newest one: Pope Francis.
The election of a new Pope is always a reason for hope and confidence. Take, for instance, the proclamation of St. Pius X in 1903. Instead of being exultant, he refused, twice, to accept the vote, until the third ballot showed him that it was the will of God.

Weeping, he accepted the job of Successor of St. Peter, and what a great and holy Pope he was!

Today we have another Moses who will guide the people of God to the fertile land of holiness. With calm and paternal persuasion, Pope Francis will continue the fervour and aspirations of Benedict XVI in this Year of Faith.

Everything about his nomination is symbolic and encouraging, beginning with his name Francis, taken from the beloved saint from Assisi. By a stroke of genius, a learned Jesuit has united himself with the austerity of the Franciscans.
For full story, see The B.C. Catholic website.

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