Friday, January 25, 2013

New sign at men’s hostel energy efficient

First major sign repair since the 1980s

The Catholic Charities Hostel for Men, located at the corner of Robson and Cambie Street, put up a new sign last December. The repair to the sign makes it energy efficient, rewiring it to use 40% less power than before and using a photo cell instead of a timer to conserve more energy. The sign features an image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd in reference to the Gospel of John.

The hostel began its mission in October 1958 under Archbishop Martin Michael Johnson and officially opened its doors in November 1959. It is one of four social services that the Archdiocese of Vancouver’s Catholic Charities provides.

Catholic Charities was established in Vancouver in the 1930s under Archbishop William Mark Duke. In addition to the men’s hostel, the Charities provide justice services (prison ministry), a refugee sponsorship program, and a drop-in centre in the Downtown Eastside called The Door is Open. 

More information about the Catholic Charities Hostel for Men, which is open 365 days a year, can be found here.

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