Friday, November 9, 2012

It's 'game over' for the devil, says EWTN host

Satan will be overwhelmed if men discover the power of Christ within themselves
Caption: Peter Herbeck, from EWTN's Crossing the Goal TV show, leads 1,400
men in prayer at the Centre for the Performing Arts in Vancouver Oct. 27.
The men were gathered for the "Man Alive" Catholic men's conference.
Nathan Rumohr / The B.C. Catholic.
Speakers at the recent "Man Alive" Catholic men's conference in Vancouver challenged men to man up for Christ and discover that faith is spelled R-I-S-K:
"The power and the dynamism of the Christian life comes when you're ready to take a risk and get off the lazyboy," he said.

Peter Herbeck and Crossing the Goal co-host Brian Patrick were two of the main speakers at the "Man Alive" conference Oct. 27 at the Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver. They talked about conversion, transformation, and mission.

"'Man Alive!' That's a great title and that's why we are here today," Patrick exclaimed. "We're not here today by accident, because Jesus has called each and every one of us to man up."

"When men's hearts come together in one love and Christ becomes the centre of your life there is a level of brotherhood, friendship, and joy that is shared and is hard to find anywhere else," Herbeck said.

Herbeck said the day's three talks covered the three dimensions that make up the life of a disciple. He noted that humanity is in a time of crisis for discipleship.
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