Thursday, October 18, 2012

University of Windsor drops convocation prayer

Campus atheists win victory for a 'moment of reflection'
University of Windsor students will not have to listen to "The Lord's Prayer," anymore.
Photo / University of Windsor.
According to the University of Windsor's student paper, The Lance, "The Lord's Prayer" has been removed from convocation ceremonies in favour of a moment of reflection.

Student Shawna Scott, president of the Windsor-Essex County Atheist Society, said:
The end result of us graduating is a product of our own hard work . . . to us, it doesn't come from a deity, it makes it really awkward to be there and feel excluded.
The University of Windsor was only established in 1963. The parent institution, Assumption University, has been administered by the Basilian Fathers since 1857 and is now the Catholic university affiliated with the U. of Windsor.

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  1. Just a friendly correction: the prayer at Convocation was never "the Lord's Prayer."


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