Monday, October 29, 2012

Teaching that abortion is wrong is bullying?

Ontario's education minister says that Catholic doctrine regarding termination of pregnancy is a form of 'misogyny'

Students enthusiastically participate in the National March for Life Rally
in Ottawa May 12. According to Ontario's education minister, teaching
students about the Catholic doctrine of the right to life is misogynistic
and a form of bullying. Chris Watt / CNS.
According to Laurel Broten, Ontario's education minister, teaching that abortion is wrong is a form of bullying:

Speaking at Queens Park Oct. 10, the minister characterized the practice as "misogyny."

"We're very clear with the passage of Bill 13 (Ontario's controversial anti-bullying law) that Catholic teaching cannot be taught in our schools that violates human rights and which brings a lack of acceptance to participation in schools," Broten said.

"Bill 13 is about tackling misogyny; taking away a woman's right to choose could arguably be one of the most misogynistic actions that one could take."

The minister was reacting to the sponsorship by three Progressive Conservative MPPs of a press conference for Campaign Life Coalition's Defund Abortion campaign. Broten's Liberal Party accused the PCs of trying to reopen the abortion debate in Ontario.

Read the full story at The B.C. Catholic website.

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