Friday, October 26, 2012

Backlash to pro-lifers receiving queen's medals

MP both lauded and vilified for awarding activists with honour

Maurice Vellacott

The B.C. Catholic has a story by Deborah Gyapong about some of the backlash and support Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott has received for awarding the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medals to prominent pro-life activists Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner:
Some mainstream media (MSM) reports have accused Vellacott of awarding convicted criminals. Even Liberal Leader Bob Rae weighed in, telling journalists, “it’s bizarre in my view to be giving medals to people who are in – who are in jail for harassment or for causing mischief or for breaking probation.”

Representative of pro-life organizations, however, applaud the awards and find the MSM criticism hypocritical.

“You cannot give the Order of Canada to someone like [abortionist] Henry Morgentaler and complain about this award,” said Catholic Civil Rights League executive director Joanne McGarry. Morgentaler also spent time in prison, sentenced to 18 months for illegally performing abortions outside a hospital. His defiance of the law led to Canada’s abortion laws being struck down.
Read the full story at The B.C. Catholic website.

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