Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A website deciphers 'Canada's agenda'

Christian think tank sets up website covering other think tanks

What is Canada's agenda? Cardus, a Canadian Christian think tank focused on renewing the social architecture of North America, has set up a new website that may answer that. aims to renew Canada "reasonably, ethically, and respectfully" by presenting a range of political voices.

"It's a non-partisan, non-ideological space giving briefings on the range of political voices in the country," said Robert Joustra, editor of Cardus Policy in Public. "In the months ahead, look for us covering all the research that is: fresh and innovative—not a restatement of old debates; substantial and influential—studies, not just opinions; public—more than interest-based lobbying."

The website lists 31 institutes from various political stripes that it monitors.

"Our list of think tanks is dynamic, like our political space: new players join, old ones leave," Joustra said, "but the focus of Canada's agenda is always the conversation.

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