Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New website supports personhood motion

Let'sStopthePretense.com is an easy to navigate website with information on Motion 312 and human development

A new pro-life website has been launched called Let'sStopthePretense.com. The site's purpose is to support Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth's Motion 312, which is expected to be voted on by Parliament this fall.

Motion 312 if passed would require a special committee of the House to review "medical evidence, to determine whether or not a child is a human being before birth, and to address the potential impact on Canada's Criminal Code." Currently Canada's laws do not protect a baby until the moment of complete birth. This definition of personhood is one of the reasons Canada has no abortion regulations.

The website also features a section detailing fetal development with links to medical information backing up the website's claims.

There is also a section titled "Contact your MP" which links to elections.ca's voter information service. The section also contains two different letter templates to be sent to MP's across Canada.

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