Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Politicians ignore 2000-person abortion protest

MLAs welcome March for Life, but too busy to listen; attend 100-person protest instead
A custodian sweeps the floor of the Legislative Chambers before politicians enter for Question Period, May 10.
A couple weeks ago I went to the B.C. Legislature to ask politicians about their positions on abortion before the annual March for Life rally:
It's anything but quiet when B.C. politicians debate one another, except when that debate is about abortion. But three Liberal cabinet ministers and the former leader of the B.C. NDP didn't stay silent before the annual March for Life rally on May 10.

"I welcome [the marchers] here to let their position be known," said Liberal finance minister and Deputy Premier Kevin Falcon. "That's what the legislature lawn is for."

"The democratic right to express an opinion is a positive thing," said B.C. Health Minister Mike de Jong.
Question Period took place during the March for Life rally, which
Deputy Premier Kevin Falcon said the government was unaware of.
Nathan Rumohr / The B.C. Catholic.
Liberal House Leader Rich Coleman said he supported the protest, and offered a reason why government officials didn't partake in the March for Life event, which drew close to 2000 people. "At 2 p.m. every member of the house is in the legislature," Coleman said.

Read the full story at The B.C. Catholic website.

Members of the Musqueam First Nation also protested at the Legislature May 10 about a condo development over an ancient burial ground. Politicians from the NDP and Liberals attended their approximately 100 person protest but were unaware of March of Life rally that 2000 people participated in.

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