Monday, May 14, 2012

Government messing with fertility rates according to economist

'Generational war' looming in Canadian society with lower birth rates as main culprit
According Dr. Dermot Grenham, lecturer at the London School of Economics, a worldwide fertility decline will likely force seniors to stay in the workforce longer.
Alistair Burns recently attended a lecture with Dr. Dermot Grenham, a lecturer at the London School of Economics, at the SFU Harbour Centre in Downtown Vancouver. Grenham said Canada's future doesn't look particularly rosy because Canada's birth rate has dramatically declined:
Are worldwide fertility rates declining? Dr. Dermot Grenham, a lecturer at the London School of Economics, contended that they are when he presented his findings on the subject April 20 at SFU's Harbour Centre campus in downtown Vancouver.

Grenham's lecture was called "It's about the people: why governments mess with demographics at their peril."

"Canada's future does not look particularly rosy," said Grenham. In the 1950s Canadians had the highest fertility rate in the G7 group. Now the birth rate is in the middle of the pack.
Read the full story at The B.C. Catholic website.

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