Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Culture of death rages on Parliament Hill

Prime Minister and high ranking Conservatives promise to vote against M-312
Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth won't have a lot of support in the House of Commons over his definition of a human motion, especially within his own party. Deborah Gyapong / CCN.
The uphill battle pro-life MP Stephen Woodworth faces to get Motion M-312 passed in the House of Commons is featured on The B.C. Catholic website. CCN's Deborah Gyapong reports the "culture of death" is alive and well in Ottawa, as members of all three political parties show strong opposition against revisiting abortion:
Abortion took centre stage in the House of Commons Apr. 26 as Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion M-312 to re-examine Canada’s 400-year old legal definition of a human being received its first hour of debate.

Accused by Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair of violating his promise not to reopen the abortion debate, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Question Period “every member has a right to move a motion” and “Party Leaders have no control over that.”

An all-party committee deemed the motion votable, something the Prime Minister called “unfortunate.”
Read the full story at The B.C. Catholic website.

I will also have a story about the debate in the May 7 edition of The B.C. Catholic.

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