Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vatican releases a 21st century news feed

Free 'widget' contains content from Holy See website 

Catholic News Service
reports that the Vatican has released a "Holy news feed" program:
Marking the seventh anniversary of the election of Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican is offering a "widget" -- a software application -- that will allow anyone with a website or blog to provide readers with automatically updated news and documents from the Vatican.

The Vatican's Internet Office announced April 19 that the widget is available free from the Vatican's website:

When installed, the widget opens a small rectangular window with four tabs; clicking on one provides the latest news from the Vatican, the pope's Sunday Angelus or "Regina Coeli" address, recent speeches and the Vatican press office's daily news bulletin.

The Vatican said the widget should help make the content of its website more widely known and is another opportunity to use new technology "to spread the word of the Holy Father."
I think St. Paul would be proud.

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