Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prostitution now legal in Ontario

Brothels decriminalized in Canada's largest province, groups call for 'Nordic laws'
The Ontario Court of Appeal
The moral fabric of Canada took another blow as demonstrated by this B.C. Catholic article from Michael Swan of the Catholic Register:
Now that Ontario's highest court has found most laws in the country concerning prostitution are unconstitutional, people on all sides of the debate are urging parliament to act.

In a landmark ruling likely to be appealed to the Supreme Court, the Ontario Court of Appeal rendered a decision on March 26 that legalizes brothels and allows prostitutes to hire protectors and other staff. Public soliciting and pimping remain illegal, but the court ruled that prostitutes have a constitutional right to work in safe environments.

The court suspended implementation of its decision for one year to give parliament time to amend the criminal code.
Read the full story at The B.C. Catholic website.
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  1. The statement, "Prostitutes have a constitutional right to work in a safe environment," and "Bomb disposal technicians have the constitutional right to work in a safe environment" have a lot in common. They are grammatically correct, sound very high toned, and are fatuous. What next, we have a constitutional right to black snow, white coal, and the value of pi to be three exactly?

  2. being in BC where we have intravenious drug users using in a 'safe environment' and the government providing needles and other assistance to those who have addictions (methadone, needles, alcohol) - those areas also provide the people using with mental, financial and other useful assistance so they can become a contributing member of society - i wonder if these brothels or legal places for prostitution will do the same

    i know that in BC we have a prostitution - the police go after the buyers not the sellers - dry up the buyers and the sellers will have to find something else to do

    love the sinner but hate the sin


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