Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Parliament debates definition of human being

MP's to revisit 400 year old definition of life
Tory MP Stephen Woodworth
When is a life considered to be a human being? According to Canadian law it's not until a human has "completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother." However, that definition is 400 years old.

Conservative MP StephenWoodworth has lobbied to debate this question federally and hopes it will lead to a special committee that would review Section 223 of the Criminal Code.

"If a child five minutes before birth can be defined as not a human being, then the question is who's next?" argued Woodworth reported by The Ottawa Citizen.

The Tory backbencher had to work against his own party to get the debate on parliament's agenda. Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised he wouldn't open up any discussion about abortion as long as he was prime minister.

"The prime minister and justice minister have to speak for themselves. I don't take any issue with any statement that the government won't reopen this debate," Woodworth commented. "I'm acting as a private member."

It should be interesting to hear what kind of reactions MP's have on this issue. 
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  1. I saw this as a headline on LifeSiteNews earlier today, but then it disappeared as quickly as it came. Where did you find your information on this?


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