Friday, March 2, 2012

In this week’s B.C. Catholic

Here’s what’s inside the March 5, 2012 scientifically themed edition of The B.C. Catholic Newspaper:
  • Brother Guy Consomagno, SJ, lectures about the "Vatican plot" to reclassify Pluto, educate on the relationship of science and religion, and attends a special Mass celebrating the 400 year anniversary of Jesuits in Canada
  • You can't have innovative science without life, and the Sisters of Life explain the ways to keep life away from abortion
  • Unfortunetley mortal life ends at some point, but The B.C. Catholic helps prepare for the final hour with a special "Eternal Life: Planning and Prepartion" supplement
  • Father Vincent Hawkswell reminds that God has 10 commandments, not ten suggestions
  • The Pope speaks against profits that arise from infertility
  • And Canadian Catholics will soon have a national magazine called Convivium. The B.C. Catholic previews the magazine, which drives religion back into the public sphere.
 To subscribe to The B.C. Catholic newspaper (hard copy) for 1 year, the cost is $40 in Canada, $55 in the USA, and $70 overseas. Prices include GST.

Many parishes in the Archdiocese of Vancouver offer The B.C. Catholic to their parishioners. Check with your parish office and ask whether complementary subscriptions are provided.

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