Thursday, March 22, 2012

Helen's saints skate for an Admiral cause

Grade 7 students organize skating fundraiser for needy school

Students from St. Helen's Elementary School present Admiral Seymour Elementary School teacher Carrie Gelson with a cheque for $655, and other items Gelson "wished for" in an open letter to the City of Vancouver. From left: Alyssa Sommer, Carrie Gelson, Anita Didak, Bianca Moretto, and Sophia Govorcin. Special to The B.C. Catholic.
I had the opportunity to talk to Lori Moretto recently about the efforts of her daughter, and other students at St. Helen's elementary, who organized a fundraiser for a needy inner city school:
Lori Moretto was saddened when she picked up the Sept. 25 edition of the Vancouver Sun. She read a story of a humble inner-city elementary school teacher who had just had enough.

It wasn't because of the lack of money, the stress, or the overcrowded classroom, it was because of the sickening sight of watching Vancouver's most vulnerable come to school lacking food, clothing, and self-respect.
Read the full story at The B.C. Catholic website.
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  1. This is such a great story! there is nothing better than showing by example and teaching what is the right thing to do; these we ought to pass on to our kids, family and friends early on in their lives. I call on to all mothers and women of catholic faith... your role is very important. With your examples, you can beget future leaders of this country, CEO's of corporations that truly care for the society and a nation that is built on TRUTH and HARD WORK. My father asked me once: "... why is it that you choose to work hard when you can easily cut corners?" My immediate response was: "Dad, what makes a work more special is when my whole heart is so into it! (as in - blood, sweat & tears. It makes it worth to be called: Accomplishment! My best "kudos" to these young people of St. Helen's that has picked up the challenge! May God's love stay within you and to you too, Lori!


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