Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fundraiser helps unique organization

L'Arche's mission of compassion inspires an above and beyond attitude, says volunteer
Philip Beeby is proud of his collaborative work, Culture. The paintings were showcased as part of L'Arche's annual fundraising event. Nathan Rumohr / The B.C. Catholic 
Recently I had the opportunity to attend L'Arche's The Art of Being Together fundraiser. The event showcased art from local artists and collaborative pieces from artists and L'Arche residents:

Deborah Der calls L'Arche a "life saver" for stepping up and helping her son Conrad when the provincial government failed him.

"Conrad has been with L'Arche for approximately 20 years. He started out in their woodworking shop, which the government cut all funding to four years ago," Der said while volunteering at L'Arche's third annual Art of Being Together fundraiser March 10 at the National Nikkei Museum and Heritage Centre in Burnaby. "He was basically thrown out on the street."

Conrad suffered brain damage as a toddler and it left him developmentally disabled. However, this doesn't hold Conrad back from doing activities.

"If it wasn't for L'Arche, I do not know what we could have done nor what would have happened to Conrad's emotional life."

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