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Birthing Bertha

Bertha WilsonBertha Wilson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Group naming Motion 312, the person-hood definition, after feminist supreme court judge

Canada's first female Supreme Court Justice, Bertha Wilson, is heroically memorialized by abortionists. Wilson, and four other justices, famously opened the door to free rein abortion in Canada in 1988, when they overturned Dr. Henry Morgentaler's 1983 charge for obstructing Canada's then abortion laws to his benefit.

However, a pro-life Facebook page is using this "pro-choice hero" as the face of a potentially pro-life cause.
"Stephen Woodworth's Motion 312 needs a name. We think it should be 'The Bertha Wilson Motion', in honour of the former Canadian feminist Supreme Court of Canada Justice who agreed that some protection of the foetus was needed in Canada," reads the Bertha Wilson Motion Facebook page.
The group focuses on an often overlooked quote by the late justice in regards to fetal rights.
“The precise point in the development of the foetus at which the state’s interest in its protection becomes 'compelling' I leave to the informed judgement of the legislature which is in a position to receive guidance on the subject from all the relevant disciplines. It seems to me, however, that it might fall somewhere in the second trimester,” Wilson wrote as part of her decision in R v Morgentaler 1988.
But can it be true that, Wilson, the great Canadian hero of feminism would actually conceive the idea that maybe there should a limit on abortions? Preposterous! says pro-choice coalitions.
"An anti-choice Facebook page has also been formed, co-opting Mme Justice Bertha Wilson's name in a disrespectful and sneering way," says, a liberal woman's blog. "All the usual anti-choice suspects, like Campaign Life, are gearing up for the fight."
Instead of focusing on what Wilson said about fetal rights in 1988, the group writes in their open letter to Djaouida Sellah (NDP), Carolyn Bennett (Liberal), Maria Mourani (BQ), and Elizabeth May (Green), that opposition MP's should rise in the house during the April 26 debate on Motion 312 and say, "Mr Speaker, with respect, I decline this opportunity to waste this house's time on a matter most Canadians consider settled."

But the issue isn't settled because it's been 24 years since the Morgentaler ruling and the pro-life movement is growing by leaps and bounds. Whether these groups like it or not, the truth is undeniable and human life begins well before a birth, and they frankly have no leg to stand on.

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  1. Hi, this is fern hill of the blog you referred to but got the name wrong. It is DAMMIT JANET!. We are a group blog, but not a group and definitely NOT liberal. We are feminists and utterly opposed to M-312, which we are calling Woodworth's Wank.

  2. FYI, It's considered bad form in the extreme to post a website name or especially a URL, without a link: particularly when you're "quoting" from the website. (Even when your "quote" is interpreted incorrectly, whether by mistake or by design.)
    I don't expect you to have the parts to approve this comment, but hopefully you'll at least muster up enough class to correct your post.

  3. If you're going to quote us, as though you're someone credible reporting information from an external source, it would only be competent and honest to link to our blogpost so that your readers can determine for themselves whether your interpretation is correct or not.

    By the way, DAMMIT JANET! is not "a liberal woman's blog". It's a feminist blogsite.

  4. It's also easy to cut and paste the website URL into the address bar. But I agree, a link is favoured and makes it easier for everyone to follow. Thank you.

    - Comments moderator

  5. is now linked on the blog. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.



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