Friday, February 3, 2012

Students sow a lot of hope

Little school fundraises with big heart
Students from Our Lady of Sorrows hold a bake sale for charity. Front row, left to right: Sarah, Nicole, Liberty, Tristene, Anna. Back row, left to right: Cristina, Charlize, Olivia, Jessica, Rebekah, Cristina, Maureen, and Isabella.
Linda Guzzo / Special to The B.C. Catholic
Our Lady of Sorrows Elementary School raises over $10,000 for charity in 2011

Their student body maybe small, but according to this B.C. Catholic article; these students have a major presence fundraising for good causes:

Our Lady of Sorrows School, a single-stream school where the students and the parents have big hearts, will turn 85 this year.

Every student in the school takes part in the many fundraising events held throughout the year. These events help charities, the less fortunate around the world, and foundations.

Full story at The B.C. Catholic.
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