Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A manly challenge coming to St. Mary's

Father Larry Richards will shoot straight to a male only crowd about reclaiming 'masculinity' in the Church

Finding Mass a little too "touchy freely?" Wondering why Jesus is portrayed as a sensitive "hippie?" You're not alone, but to change it will require a "manly" challenge.

Catholic men will continue the challenge of reclaiming their leadership role in the Church when Father Larry Richards, founder of The Reason for our Hope Foundation and author of Ignatius Press bestseller, “Be a Man: Becoming the Man God Created You to Be," presents his talk "Be a Man" at St. Mary's Parish, June 15.

Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, referenced Father Richards during the archdiocese "Man to Man" dinner on Feb. 4. The archbishop echoed Father Richards' challenge to men to re-embrace their role as faith leaders in their families.

Tickets for Father Richards are $10 and available through your parish rep, or the archdiocese's Office of Evangelization.

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  1. A simple, yet worthwhile observation. Mass becomes too "touchy-feely" and "hippie" when the Sacred Liturgy is not celebrated according to the Church's norms and the rubrics (i.e. for liturgical actions, for music, liturgical orientation, etc) are not followed. When the Roman Rite of Mass (I speak here of the Ordinary Form because it has been, unfortunately, abused by the laity and clergy alike) is celebrated according to the Church's norms then it is beautiful. The then Cardinal Ratzinger viewed this problem perfectly when he noted that the crisis of faith that we are experiencing today can be largely attributed to the breakdown of reverence and beauty in the Sacred Liturgy. We bring back the proper celebration of Mass, people will be attracted to it.


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