Thursday, February 23, 2012

Catholic politician strives for authentic leadership

O'Neill draws on Church's treasure-trove of ideas, says faith guides his charitable and civic responsibilities
Coquitlam city councillor Terry O'Neill stands inside his new place of work. O'Neill won in the November municipal election with a common-sense campaign that featured some spiritual treasures.
Photo credit: Nathan Rumohr / The B.C. Catholic
Common sense, education, and authenticity, in politics?! Well that's what one of Coquitlam's new city counselors is attempting to do, with a little help from his Catholic faith of course:

Terry O'Neill lives a life of service. This approach to life, combined with authentic leadership and common sense, has served him well, first as a journalist, then as an activist with Signal Hill, and now as a Coquitlam city councillor.

"I try to serve people the best way I can," said the longtime Coquitlam resident. "The best way to serve people is to educate them."

Read the full story at the B.C. Catholic website.

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