Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Third Party reaches for Catholics

Liberal convention shows vitality, desire to rebuild
Former Prime Minister Jean Cretien.
Raised Catholic, the 10 year leader
is a defender of a woman's choice.

CCN's eye on Ottawa Deborah Gyapong uncovers what Catholics can expect from rebuilding Liberals:

Dan McTeague, one of about a dozen staunchly pro-life Liberals who lost their seats in the May 2011 federal election, is hoping for the revitalization of the once powerful Liberal Party.

One of more than 3,100 delegates at the Liberal biennial convention in Ottawa Jan. 13-15, McTeague said he hoped the party would be able to reach out to all Canadians, including the Catholic and ethnic voters who were once pillars of party support.

See The B.C. Catholic for more information.
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