Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pope calls for adopting new economic ethics

Keynote speech for New Year calls for economic reforms, religious freedom
Pope Benedict on the Solemnity of Mary

On Jan. 9, Pope Benedict XVI highlighted the need for the world's financial systems to benefit all.

He also called for an end to violence across North Africa and the Middle East and for all countries to embrace religious toleration.

Disorientation and frustration, said the Pontiff, are the results from a world where young people don't feel they are able to build for their future.

"The (economic) crisis can and must be an incentive to reflect on human existence and on the importance of the its ethical dimension," said the Pope in his address which he gave on the Solemnity of Mary, Jan. 1, in French to diplomats accredited to the Holy See from 180 countries.

Religious freedom, said Pope Benedict, is under threat in Africa and Asia, and he denounced attacks against Christians in Nigeria where Christmas Day bombings killed at least 27 people.

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