Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Know your Catholic faith and pass it on

 The Winter Institute will answer your questions!

Mark Saturday, Jan. 21, on your calendar and come to Holy Cross Regional Secondary on 88th Ave in Surrey for the Archdiocesan Office of Catechetics Winter Institute courses on topics of general interest, or to earn a certificate in catechetical training.

Catholic apologist Graham Osborne will explain what the Church teaches and why, drawing from Scripture and early Church writings while Roland Carelse-Borzel will give an overview of Church history in the second millennium.

Other courses include Basics of the Faith by Father Anthony Ho and Madonna House and Adolescent Development by Jon Lee-Son from the Richmond School District.

Youth will be highlighted in Relational Ministry with Youth with Director of Youth Ministry Clayton Imoo and Basics to Running an Effective Youth Gathering is offered by Gerard Garcia.

For a full workshop schedule and to register go to or call 604-683-0281 and ask for the Office of Catechetics.

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