Monday, December 5, 2011

God(s): A User's Guide

Exhibit teaches the richness of faith
Torah Ark originally from a Glace Bay,  Nova
Scotia synagogue that used to serve 2,000 Jewish
worshipers. CCN Photo.

The Canadian Museum of Civilizatiion in Gatineau called God(s): A User’s Guide explores the diversity of religious belief without slipping into moral relativism.

The exhibit, which opened Dec. 2 and will run until Sept. 3, 2012, invites people to contemplate the ultimate questions about meaning that underlie all religious faiths. These questions include the existence of God, the creation of the universe, and life after death.

“Through this exhibition, we hope to generate ongoing discussion on how to think about the role of religion in the context of a contemporary world, an increasingly globalized world, and a culturally diverse Canada,” said the exhibit’s curator Stephen Inglis.

For a full story on the exhibit, visit The B.C. Catholic's website.

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