Friday, November 25, 2011

A Holy wager

Grey Cup Archbishops make act of faith in their team 

Today the Archdiocese of Vancouver and the Archdiocese of Winnipeg made Sunday's Grey Cup game a little more interesting by announcing a friendly wager on its outcome.

If the Winnipeg Blue Bombers win, Archbishop Miller will make a $100 donation to the Archdiocese of Winnipeg’s Archdiocesan Appeal, which is the major vehicle for funding pastoral work in the Archdiocese.
If the B.C. Lions win, Archbishop Weisgerber will make a $100 donation to Project Advance, the annual diocesan-wide appeal that helps fund many of the institutions, programs, ministries, and needs within the archdiocese.
Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB initiated the bet and suggested a Winnipeg victory was an “unlikely event.” 
Winnipeg's Archbishop James Weisgerber quickly responded that  he had “no doubt about the outcome of the game. "Winnipeg will prevail because a good defence always trumps a so-so offence.”
In a joint statement, the archbishops said, “Sporting events such as this one can provide an opportunity to celebrate the best in healthy competition, bringing people together in community and recreation, fostering respect for rules, and imparting important human and spiritual values such as excellence, fitness, and loyalty.”
The archbishops hope the friendly bet will draw attention to the vital work and mission of the Church in Vancouver and Winnipeg.
“Our archdioceses are close in solidarity and service to those most in need in our two cities," the archbishops said. "We invite all who are celebrating the Grey Cup to also join us in our service to the needy by contributing in some way to our charitable work.”

In more archdiocesan football news, vocations director Father Joseph Nguyen made a video with his Grey Cup predictions.


  1. Awesome wager. Way to go archbishops!

    And GO B.C.!

  2. Great gesture. I'm sure that Winnipeg's Archdiocese Appeal will put the money to good use!


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