Monday, October 3, 2011

Saudi Arabia - one step forward, two back?

Women can vote soon but getting to the polls might be tricky!

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah
Saudi Arabian King Abdullah has promised that women will be able to vote in 2015 elections yet those same women could face flogging if caught behind the wheel of a car.

Last May, says Amnesty International, Manal Al-Sharif posted a video of herself behind the wheel of a car on YouTube and was sentenced to a beating of 10 lashes because driving is against Sharia Law for women.

While there is no official law in place, a religious decree has the same effect as law and women caught driving are considered to have violated the country's statues.

The Saudis have been putting in measures to pacify people because of the threat of the Arab-Spring movement which has brought down despotic regimes in the area. Saudi women are vowing to force the government to end the driving ban. Thus far, Al-Sharif has not been beaten and, as time passes, more women are petitioning the king requesting that no punishment take place.

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