Thursday, September 29, 2011

Catholics NOT Losing their religion

Religion's decline in Canada exaggerated

According a leading expert on religious life in Canada, Catholic and evangelical Christians are flourishing in Canada, thanks in part to recent immigration patterns.

Sociologist Reginald Bibby said many assumed Canada would follow the same patern of secularization in Europe, where over time fewer people practice over time.

"Religion remains important to more than one in three Canadians, with the majority still identifying with groups and indicating openness to greater involvement, if they can find it worthwhile."

Bibby is presenting his findings Friday to some 7,000 Canadian religious leaders as part of the annual Global Leadership Summit. His findings are also compiled in his new book Beyond the Gods & Back.

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  1. We'll repeat history unless we reverse the pattern where the children of immimgrants disengage from the church on reaching adulthood, and generally speaking true also of non-immigrants.


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