Monday, August 29, 2011

Lots of liking for Latin

Project under way to produce audio recording of New Testament in Latin

Father Stravinskas in the studio.
A new initiative got under way this summer for the first audio recording in Latin of the Neo-Vulgate version of the New Testament, the Catholic Church's official Latin translation.
Vatican Press has partnered with Faith Comes By Hearing, a nonprofit, donor-driven interdenominational ministry which in the past 30 years has made the New Testament available by audio in more than 500 languages.

"I've been involved with making available the liturgy in Latin since I was ordained," said organizer Father Peter Stravinskas, founder and president of the St. Gregory Foundation for Latin Liturgy.

Latin speakers from various parts of the United States who all share a passion for Latin voice the 180 characters in the New Testament. Father Nicholas Gregoris, editor of The Catholic Response magazine, has also been involved.

The audio version of the Scriptures in Latin is geared for a wide audience, particularly seminarians and young Catholics, who according to Father Stravinskas and Father Gregoris are showing a growing interest in learning the Latin language.
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