Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Layton death - a Grief Observed?

How to react when a public figure dies 

Christie Blatchford
Jack Layton
There is a lot of fallout over journalist Christie Blatchford's reaction to a letter to Canadians written two days before he died by New Democratic party leader Jack Layton.

Blatchford suggested that a number of passages in the letter were "vainglorious" and she is taking flack over her views on hundreds of blogs and comment pages.  Many have called her mean spirited.

The subject of death itself, not often mentioned in the media other than in accident reports, is also getting some attention.

Radio host Bill Good invited "grief expert" David Kesseler to comment on how and why people are affected when a public figure dies and ways to deal with it.

Kessler, who worked with noted grief researcher Elizabeth Kubler Ross, suggests that we are often affected by the deaths of people in the news because we unrealistically feel we know them. What we know is their public persona. However, he encouraged attending  public mourning or funeral events commemorating the life of the person we admired.

C.L. Lewis' A Grief Observed is a faith filled book which examines how death can make even a stellar Christian apologist question his beliefs. Check out his journey. 

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  1. Oh please. Fair comment on public figure shouldn't be censored. Blatchford's reaction was just that.


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