Monday, August 22, 2011

The Good Shepherd comes to namesake parish

Tapestry shows Good Shepherd in west coast scene

Textile artist Ruth Jones discovered a lot about sheep and shepherds when Good Shepherd Church parishioner Helga Hoing asked her to create a tapestry altarpiece for the Surrey Church to mark Hoing's husband Werner's 80th birthday last year.
Tapestry artist Ruth Jones

Jones, a Vancouver artist with an archeology background, creates site-specific imagery for an international range of private, public, and corporate clients. Her work can be seen in the Museum of Anthropology at UBC.

Among other revelations which came to her when researching and creating the Good Shepherd tapestry, said Jones, was the realization that we can have "joy and happiness" in knowing that "Jesus watches over us."

He is, Jones added, "the most earthly example of what we can be for our brothers and sisters in our own lives." See the full story showing the tapestry over the church altar in an upcoming B.C. Catholic.

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